Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Will Saudi slaves drive burqa-draped cars on October 26 or drive wearing burqas?

Women in Saudi Arabia ( read that as "slaves in Saudi Arabia") are planning on defying the ban on slaves driving cars in that hellhole.  The day they have chosen to defy the ban is October 26, 2013.  

The Saudi slave owners should invite their allies in the West, good friends like Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Harper and the rest of the brainless buffoons to watch the spectacle of a mere 20 slaves trying to put foot to pedal. 

From GulfNews:
....Saudi women plan to defy driving ban again.  More than 5,800 people have signed a petition for women to drive on October 26.  Saudi women activists have called for a new day of defiance next month of the longstanding ban on women driving in the kingdom.

An online petition entitled “October 26, driving for women” had on Sunday gathered more than 5,800 signatories, as activists try again to push authorities to end the unique ban.

“I will drive on October 26,” activist Nasima Al Sada said on Sunday, saying that some 20 women are going to take part in the campaign in the kingdom’s Eastern Province.

“Many women are enthusiastic about learning to drive, or to teach other” women how to drive, she said, as many Saudi women have obtained abroad the driving licences they are denied in their homeland....

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