Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's pamper more cult members .... it's a hobby to die for.

If you have the stomach to listen through the entire video, somewhere along you will hear one of the guys, who is supposedly working with the Somali youth, saying something along these lines  " a 3-bedroom apartment cannot hold like 6 kids and therefore they go and join gangs ...."   The guy also wants to see Somalis in the police force because that will make the place safe.   Furthermore,  this video brings to light that in one small area of Toronto (I think they mentioned Dixon) there are close to 30,000+ Somali-Canadians.  Wunderbar!!  

YUP.... let's get the government to bring in these refugees who probably lived in a one room hole in Somalia before being rescued to this beautiful, bountiful country  ... and give them palaces to live in.  YUP ... that will make them love us to distraction.

At least the young woman in the discussion does not blame things on unemployment and poverty and lack of palaces.  That's the kind of attitude that is desirable in immigrants ... not the "want more, give more."

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