Monday, September 23, 2013

Wow!! Just wow!! Guardian UK wants us to stop going to church lest we get killed by a suicide bomber

Man-o-Man!!   Journalists !!!

Simon Jenkins writes, along with lots of other rubbish:
...There is nothing anyone can do to prevent suicide bombers   hitting civilian populations. The slaughter of Christians in Peshawar this weekend showed that wherever crowds gather they are vulnerable to any group with a brainwashed youth and a bomb. It might be sensible to discourage like-minded crowds from gathering in one place, be they co-religionists or party faithful or merely the wealthy....

Nobody ever mentions the elephant in the room.  Unbridled immigration of Muslims is something nobody wants to talk about and even if they do, they somehow manage to brush over it ever so gently.... leave alone any of the "jounalists" ever actually coming out and mentioning that the West should stop importing Muslims.  **sigh**

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