Thursday, September 26, 2013

1 Canadian off to copulate with 72 corpses of virgins, 17 more to go

If someone was to start a collection to pay for the airfare to send the thousands of Canadian jihadis, that our bountiful government has found fit to import,  I am sure millions of Canadians will jump at the chance to donate to an excellent cause.  

Before meeting his rotten end,  I wonder how many innocent Shiite, Alawite, Christian and Druze villagers the scum raped and killed.

From DurhamRegionNews:
...A government source has confirmed that Ali Mohamed Dirie, shown in a 2009 court sketch has died while fighting in Syria.
He pleaded guilty in a sensational Toronto terrorism trial, served his time and then left Canada to fight in Syria where he was reportedly killed.
Ali Mohamed Dirie was convicted for his involvement in the 2006 terrorism plot to blow up Toronto and area targets, in a case that was dubbed the “Toronto 18” because of the number of youths and Muslim men arrested.

After his release in 2011, Dirie reportedly left Canada for Syria.

He is one of dozens of Canadians who have joined the conflict in Syria where more than 100,000 have died, as rebel fighters and Al Qaeda militants battle loyalists of President Bashar Assad’s regime.
Security sources estimate that at least 100 Canadians — mainly in their 20s and from Ontario and Alberta — have left for Syria in the last year. Dirie is not the first to be killed.
Dirie was convicted of smuggling weapons in the Toronto 18 case, which garnered unprecedented international attention following a series of sensational raids in the summer of 2006.....

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