Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some of possible reasons why Muslim women wear burqas in infidel lands

A lot of what Deborah Tyler says in the American Thinker article below is smack on truth.  

....One psychodynamic model  posits that dissocial behavior serves at least one of four purposes: 1) to get attention; 2) to have power over others; 3) to exact revenge; 4) because of an assumption of inferiority, which is masked by bad behavior.  The first three of these purposes pertain to observable social dynamics; the fourth is largely intrapsychic. 
Attention.  The black burqa is an attention-grabber.  This particular lady was also attracting special attention within her own religious group.

Power.  Knowledge is power.  The burqa withholds knowledge about its tenant while allowing her to collect knowledge about others.  The cues that maintain social reciprocity and direct choices are a one-way street, giving more power to the concealed individual.

Revenge.  America has gone down a suicidal path of admitting millions of illegal and legal immigrants who hold attitudes of resentment, entitlement, and even hatred against this nation.  The burqa attacks the political ideal of freedom and the social values of individuality and unity.  In the fullness of time, it could be used for more nefarious purposes.

Assumption of inferiority.  Does the woman behind the burqa have no sense of the inherent beauty of her unique face?  Where does she believe Allah shines forth, if not through her?
The Islamic distaff is the left's new poster child for their post-American vision.  Their purpose is to impose a new moral order and government-based economy.  They are threatened by traditional values, Christianity, and the Constitution.  When progressives see a woman in a burqa, they unconsciously identify with her against America.
America is the place where oppression comes to die.  At least 'til now.  Our nation has overcome the worst evils that the co-religionists of the shrouded lady in the lobby still practice.  During the colonial period,...........

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