Friday, September 20, 2013

Wanna see how UN officers blather without making sense?

And, mind you  .... this guy, Vitt Muntarbhorn, a Thai ... is considered to be in the upper grade of intelligentsia that the UN puts out there.  Yup ... intelligentsia on how to avoid answering pertinent questions, that's for sure!   He definitely has the traits required of a politician.   Presumably,  the guy is a volunteer and so we are supposed to assume that being a non-salaried entity attached to the UN he is an honest man and not partial to anything or anyone but his conscience.  Yeah, right !!!  Tell us another!  We are suckers, we are, we are!!

Round and round the mulberry bush  they go;
spouting their nonsense clothed in words sublime, 
nothing makes sense, not any more;
silver-tongued demons everywhere.

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