Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Here it is, the proof that EVERYBODY in our Canadian govt need an intensive and extensive course on the dangers of Islam

How is it possible that governments in the Western world are so full of crappy MPs who are only good at yakety yak yak without an ounce of active brain cells in their skulls?  It tells something about us too, doesn't it?  We voted the scum to where they are. If you are thinking that it's just the Liberals and the NDP who are stupidly unaware of shariah, taqiyyah and Islam and Muslims generally .... you are wrong.  The Conservatives, our ruling party, are just as stupid if not more. 

Before you read about the defunding of ISNA (an institution that should have never ever been granted a foothold in the first place) as a charitable entity,  read the below from one of the commenters to the article. It's very informative.

Ho Hum • 4 days ago −
The Islamic Society of North America "ISNA" may have had it's charitable status revoked but I would bet that many people reading this have unwittingly given money to this organization.
"ISNA" provides Halal certification for meat suppliers and restaurants in Canada
www (dot) isna (dot) ca/1/programs-services/isna-halal-certification-agency
Among the many Canadian companies that pay a undisclosed amount of money to ISNA for this certification is HERO Certified "Heritage" Burgers (know you know what the "certified" stands for! No idea what they mean by "Heritage"? Who's heritage?)
www (dot) heroburgers (dot) com/pdf/Heritage-Angus-Beef-halal (dot) pdf
Another Canadian company that pays an unknown amount of money to ISNA is MAPLE LODGE FARMS.
www (dot) zabihahalal (dot) com/certifications-certified.php
If you are purchasing HALAL certified products from these or any other company you are financially supporting terrorists at home and abroad. Terrorists such as the rebels in Syria who - as documented on video - are executing Christians and Children

From TorontoSun:
The Canada Revenue Agency has revoked the charitable status of an Islamic group after it says it distributed over $280,000 to an agency allegedly linked to a terrorist organization in Pakistan.
The CRA announced Friday it will strip the Islamic Society of North America Canada’s Development Foundation of its charitable status.
After a nearly two-year-long audit of its books, the CRA said it found evidence linking the group to an organization that funds a terrorist organization in Pakistan.
“The Government of Canada has made it clear that it will not tolerate the abuse of the registration system for charities to provide any means of support to terrorism,” a press release from the CRA said......

......Having its charitable status yanked will mean ISNA Canada can no longer issue donation receipts for income tax breaks. The group is also no longer exempt from income tax and may be taxed for the full value of its assets.
In July, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was a guest speaker at a ISNA Canada event. A request for comment to the Liberal Party was not returned by press time.
At the time, Trudeau was slammed by the Muslim Canadian Congress for accepting the invitation.

But Trudeau isn’t the only politician to have addressed the group. In 2008, then multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney praised ISNA Canada at an event. He told the group he looked forward to “a closer dialogue between the Government of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Muslim community in general, ISNA in particular.”.......

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