Sunday, September 29, 2013

Things you don't know about our ally Saudi Arabia: US Army women once on Saudi soil have to wear burqas and play dumb ... Part 3

The US never stops licking the ground clean for oil-rich Saudi billionaires to walk on.  It matters little whether the presidents of the mighty USA happen to be Republican or Democrat....the SA has shackled them as their favorite slaves ... just as world organizations like the UN, Greenpeace, Human Rights, IMF, what-have-you  ... have SA at the core, either as bribe givers or infiltrators.  One can fund anything and launder anything with oil money.  That money is transparent and can hardly ever be traced back to SA ... only the givers and the takers know what's expected of each and when.

The article below is from over a decade ago.... and if you think the issues are not relevant today,  think again. 
Maj Martha McSally sued Rumfeld's Department of Defense over the burqa conflict (see second link and vid below)
After watching the vid, if you're wondering if McSally won the Arizona seat she was running for ... no, she didn't.  Unfortunately, Americans have become far too dumb and unable to vote for people with caliber.

Edward Proud writing at USAToday:
....The U.S. military directive requiring women deployed to Saudi Arabia to wear a head-to-toe robe conflicts with the official guidance that the Saudi government gives to foreigners and also with the State Department's policy for its employees.

The military policy provoked controversy last week when an outspoken U.S. Air Force female pilot complained that the dress code discriminates against women. Military officials defended the policy. They said it was implemented years ago out of respect for Islamic law and Saudi customs and to protect its women from harassment by the mutawa, or religious police, and from potential terrorists.....

....The State Department bases its dress policy on the Saudi guidance. Its employees are not expected to wear an abaya when on official duty. When off-duty, women use their own judgment about wearing the garment.

Military commanders in Saudi Arabia require women to wear an abaya and a headscarf when they leave their installations. Maj. Martha McSally, the senior female fighter pilot in the Air Force, challenged that policy in an interview with USA TODAY last week.

McSally, who has been serving in Saudi Arabia since November, called the dress code "ridiculous and unnecessary." She urged the U.S. command responsible for troops in Saudi Arabia to modify the policy. She argued that women should be able to wear their uniforms on official business and dress in long pants and long-sleeve shirts when off-duty.

Asked to explain their policy in the context of the Saudi guidance, military officials offered no explanation Tuesday........

From Wikipedia:
....McSally was represented    by the Rutherford Institute in a successful 2001 lawsuit against the Department of Defense, challenging the military policy that required U.S. and U.K. servicewomen stationed in Saudi Arabia to wear the body-covering abaya when traveling off base in the country.[4][5] At the time of the lawsuit McSally, as a Major (O-4), was the highest ranking female fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. McSally's suit alleged that "the regulations required her to send the message that she believes women are subservient to men."[6] In addition to the issue of religious garb, McSally noted that policies also included other requirements:
In a "60 Minutes" interview broadcast on CBS on Jan. 20, she described the discrimination she experienced under the policy: "I have to sit in the back and at all times I must be escorted by a male . . . [who], when questioned, is supposed to claim me as his wife," she said. "I can fly a single-seat aircraft in enemy territory, but [in Saudi Arabia] I can't drive a vehicle."[6]........

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