Sunday, September 29, 2013

Libya rocking to the beat of "NATO gave us hell on Earth...rah, rah, rah ... NATO gave us Civil War ...rah, rah, rah ...NATO gave us bullshit ..rah, rah, rah"

sounds wonderful to my ears .... because it proves how utterly stupid and corrupt are the leaders we have placed to seats of power.  It also proves that we the voters are helpless ... totally, utterly helpless.  No matter who gets our vote,  that person once elected  morphs into exactly the kind of person we would have never voted for, ever.  

Essam Mohammed writing at AP .. via ABCNews:
A Libyan security officer says  unknown attackers have assassinated three army officers in the eastern city of Benghazi.
Sunday's killings are the latest to hit the security forces in Benghazi, where like much of the country the government faces a challenge from armed groups, many descended from the rebels that overthrew dictator Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.
Col. Abdullah al-Zayedi, spokesman of joint security operations in Benghazi, said two of the officers, one a lieutenant colonel, were killed by bombs attached to their cars. He said a third, who held the rank of colonel, was shot dead by unknown gunmen.
Benghazi has been hit by a months-long wave of targeted killings. Victims have included political activists, judges and members of security agencies.

Callum Wood writing at TheTrumpet:
....Libya currently exports 130,000 barrels of oil per day, a veritable dribble compared to the amounts gushing forth pre-2011. Today exports are at less than 10 percent of the pre-war level. With such a heavy reduction in oil—the lifeblood of the country—Libya is running out of ways to pay its workforce.
Many government workers are now striking, fed up with the inefficiency of the administration. Protesting costs the nation around $140 million per day. The cost of strikes on the economy has been $5 billion so far. With daily power and water outages across the nation, the striking looks set to continue, and intensify.
Some are already taking more extreme measures to make a buck. Tired of the weak government, and wishing to capitalize on the country’s instability, some are taking over the country’s oil terminals, selling the oil for their own profit. Security guards have taken over four oil export terminals along the northeastern coastline, and despite government threats and feeble retaliation, the terminals have remained under rebel control.....

.........Water is being cut off to the capital because the Megraha tribe in Sabha cut power upstream in southern Libya. Further south, militants and arms smugglers easily cross the borders with Chad and Niger, facilitating the expansion of the radical groups......

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