Saturday, September 28, 2013

Archbishop of Canterbury: "Christians are singled out for violence"

Where's Papa Francois?  MIA.  RIP Oscar winning papa.  If he said anything forceful about the latest atrocities committed against Christians in Pakistan and Kenya, then the adoring lefty media following him didn't find it worthwhile to report on.  This should have been when this Pope came out forcefully and sure, but just like our hordes of politically correct corrupt politicians the Catholic pope too turns out to be just like the whole dirty lot.  We, the little people, have to fight the big war ahead of us ourselves just like we have been fighting the many battles to date.  There's no help coming from the fucks in power.

John Bingham writing at TelegraphUK:
Christians now suffering mass martyrdom, says Archbishop of Canterbury
Christians are being deliberately attacked because of their faith across parts of the Muslim world and even martyred for their faith in large numbers, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.
The Most Rev Justin Welby said that there had been more than 80 Christian “martyrs” in the last few days alone.
He was speaking about the bombing of All Saints Anglican church in Peshawar, Pakistan, in which 85 were killed and more than 200 injured.
But he said that Christians were also being singled out for violence in a string of other countries.
Christian communities which have existed “in many cases since the days of Saint Paul” are now under threat in countries such as Syria and Egypt, he said.
Last month around 100 Christian sites were attacked amid the turmoil in Egypt, with 42 churches burnt to the ground. Ancient Christian communities in Syria have also been singled out for violence.......

Peter Standford writing at Telegraph:
Christians are being thrown to the lions again  By using the word 'martyr’, the Archbishop of Canterbury has highlighted the worsening persecution of believers taking place around the globe.  Archbishop Justin Welby’s choice of the word “martyrs” to describe the 81 Pakistani Christians killed when their church in Peshawar was targeted by suicide bombers has raised eyebrows. It is the sort of language avoided nowadays in the secular, sceptical West, with its taken-for-granted religious freedoms, in case it makes people feel uncomfortable.......

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