Monday, September 23, 2013

Some of the latest on the Westgate Mall terrorist attack .... Day 3, September 23

Qatar is known to fund Muslim groups all over the world, even those involved in terrorism. Al Jazeera is Qatari. The below is from Al Jazeera interview with the military spokesman of Al Shabaab in Somalia.

.... SA: The place we attacked    is Westgate shopping mall. It is a place where tourists from across the world come to shop, where diplomats gather. It is a place where Kenya's decision-makers go to relax and enjoy themselves. Westgate is a place where there are Jewish and American shops. So we have to attack them.....
.... It is possible if they don't withdraw attacks like this will happen in Kenyan cities and towns every day.....

AJ: Finally, Kenya has designated the Mombasa Youth Centre (MYC) as a terrorist organization. The group has on many occasions endorsed al-Shabab. What is al-Shabab's relationship with MYC?

SA: The relations between MYC and us are the same relations between Muslims. They are our Muslim brothers. Islam is our common relation, and they have the same right from us like any other Muslim.

17 names of the alleged terrorists as tweeted by the terrorists:
Names of terrorists at Westgate mall attack.  Six are supposedly from the US.

Kenya Defence Forces tweet their progress.  

Latest vid, supposedly:

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