Monday, September 30, 2013

HAHAHAHAHAH! Terrorists needed a white woman after all, as their Chief Commanding Officer no less! HAHAHAHHAHA

The cult of islam is nothing but a joke. Who needs Comedy Central when we have these  Muslim idiots who can do nothing good for the betterment of the world but kill and rampage.   Take the guns, knives, grenades, suicide belts  from the scum and they are only sniveling brainless brats high on koran and drugs and nothing more.  How wise of our politicians to import these degenerates to live among peaceful citizens of the West ... isn't it?  We didn't have enough entertainment before that ... especially not the gory kind.

From Independent IE:
'White Widow' smeared her face in blood to flee  Irish-born terrorist rented a unit in mall for months before attack that left 67 people dead.
THE Irish-born terror chief dubbed the 'White Widow' slipped out of the Kenyan shopping mall after smearing blood over her face, security sources in the country have exclusively told the Sunday Independent.

They also revealed how Samantha Lewthwaite, the Co Down-born widow of London suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, rented a unit at the Westgate Shopping mall months ago, in preparation for last week's terror killing spree.

She hung up newspapers around the shop unit to conceal what was going on inside, pretending to be stocking up on goods.

Staff have told police in Nairobi they helped a woman fitting the description of Samantha Lewthwaite lift boxes into the shop unit.

And witness accounts reveal a woman closely resembling the 29-year-old mother of three was seen being led away among panicked survivors, her face and upper clothes splashed with blood.

Interpol has issued a "red flag" international arrest warrant for Lewthwaite, based on intelligence that she led the attack and escaped.........

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