Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mini-globalist would like to see Canada and the USA merged into one big country

Man-o-Man!  Just when we want to keep far, far away from the madness down south, a mini-globalist pops up with dreams of merging Canada with the USA.  Diane "Bonkers" Francis!   

On second thoughts, if the merger would mean that we Canadians would be able to buy martini ingredients at the fraction of the price we pay now ... I am all for it!

Jonathan Kay writing at NationalPost:
Veteran National Post columnist Diane Francis has written 10 books. Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country is easily her most ambitious.

Perhaps a little too ambitious, many readers might conclude.

It is also, in a way, her most personal. As an American-born dual citizen, Ms. Francis writes passionately about the many historical and cultural ties that bind her ancestral and adopted countries. Merger of the Century makes the case for erasing the formal distinction between the two entirely. “After all, we’re both melting-pot societies,” she says. So why not turn the whole continent north of the Rio Grande into the world’s biggest pot?.......

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