Monday, June 9, 2014

The wonderful world of USA-led NATO creation of the Utopia of Libya

Below are just  4 points from a list of 20 at the Briefing by Tarek Mitri SRSG for Libya to the UN's Security Council 09 June 2014.  These will give you an idea of what has happened to that country.

4.  The military operation, dubbed ‘Operation Libya Dignity’, elicited some expressions of support. But there are also those who accuse General Haftar of seeking to unseat the legitimately elected institutions of the state, and using the threat of terrorism as a pretext to staging what they called to be a “coup d’Etat”.

5.  In previous briefings to you, I could not understate the risks of growing dangerous security void in Libya. Hundreds of Libyan citizens, mainly security personnel but also judges, journalists and other civilians, have been victims of a systematic and unrelenting campaign of targeted assassinations and other acts of aggression.

13. The security situation continues to impede the proper functioning of the justice system. Courts have stopped working for prolonged periods in Derna, Benghazi and Sirt in protest at the continuing attacks on prosecutors and judges, among other state officials.

17. More recently, on 4 June, four UNSMIL staff members, and upon their return from Al Bayda, were detained by the airport security authorities and ill treated. During their detention, which lasted more than an hour, false accusations against them, once again, were cited. Their release occurred after the intervention of the Ministry of Interior. I protested and reminded the Libyan authorities, once again, of their obligation to respect the Mission agreement signed with UNSMIL

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