Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mutants can bypass the strict immigration requirements imposed on non-Mutants

American Mutants, just like the UK mutants and I would bet the same goes for the rest of the Western countries, can sponsor their mutant lovers from other countries.  Ooh la la la la la.   What a great opportunity to bypass the usual immigration process!  

Sarah Bridge writing at CBC:
....According to Gary Gates, a demographer at the University of California, Los Angeles, 2012 census data shows that an estimated 4.5 per cent of same-sex couples in the U.S. include one citizen and one non-citizen, so about 29,250 couples..............
........The Supreme Court’s landmark decision and its consequences is part of a greater cultural shift in America, which has generally become more accepting of gay rights in the years since Massachusetts first legalized gay marriage in 2004.
“I think a lot has changed in 10 years,” says Izzat.
“I think things like [TV shows] Will and Grace and Modern Family helped push things along, and then also the state-by-state political push to get gay marriage recognized.”........

And, talking about shows...  there's a show called "Sister wives" which has been running for the last couple of years. I haven't watched even a minute of it lest I blow my top. You can bet your bottom dollar that the main investors of the show will either be Muslims or men who dream of having multiple sex partners.  Make way for Muslim-like multiple wives for all men, all living under one roof.  It's coming people ... the show and probably others like that are conditioning the sheeple just like the Will and Grace shit.

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