Friday, June 6, 2014

Moncton killer caught

Now the circus featuring  lawyers,  social workers and all the other kind of "after the fact" analysts bombarding us with the why, how, could haves, should haves, etc.etc.etc.etc. .......will begin.
Let's hope the circus does not delay the machinations of speed in sending this killer where he belongs without wasting more than required of the taxpayers' money.

Josh O'Kane writing at Globe&Mail:
‘I’m done’: Moncton suspect arrested; victims identified

Shooting suspect Justin Bourque arrested shortly after midnight
Victims identified as Constables David Ross, 32, Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45, and Douglas James Larche, 40.
 Charges expected to be laid later today

Police arrested Moncton shooting suspect Justin Bourque shortly after midnight in a backyard on Mecca Drive. He was not armed but weapons were found nearby, said Superintendent Marlene Snowman on Friday. He is expected to be charged later today...........

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  1. There are people who have never traveled to the Maritimes thinking Toronto is in the east coast of Canada. Now that this tragic incident has become an international news, it should make more people become aware that there is "land" beyond Toronto.


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