Saturday, June 7, 2014

How the LGBT and other mutant lobbies are taking over our schools and over the minds and bodies of our children

It's happening here in Canada, in the USA, in the UK and all over the EU.  The only country of note from the industrial nations that's resisted such degradation of the young generation is Russia and Russia alone.  That's the reason why mutant journalists and mutant talking heads (of which there are plenty in the mainstream media) hate Russia with a passion, and it shows in their reporting of current events.

I simply cannot stand mutant bullying.  Gays have become the new bullies.  They put the police force and the lawfare Muslims in the shade.  See the fat bully in the Alberta legislation (vid 3) ...these kind of bullies come armed with hordes of other bullies to back up their strong armed tactics. Notice how the hordes are howling in the background.

From MassResistanceOrg:
.....The latest push: "Gay" clubs for kids in middle schools. Here's how they get them in -- and what comes with them.

The homosexual-transgender movement is working hard to indoctrinate schoolchildren as young as possible. By far, the most effective way is to get them into school-based "gay" clubs that are run by activist, often radical, adults, but though otherwise unsupervised. They have been working at this for several years (see our 2008 report) but are now ramping up their efforts considerably.

We reported last week, on this year's annual GLSEN Conference in Boston which brought together LGBT teachers, activists, and supportive administrators to discuss their latest tactics for the schools.
A prominent part covered strategies for setting up "gay-straight alliance" (GSA) clubs in as many middle schools as possible, given that most high schools now have them.

At that conference, there were kids as young as 11 and 12, and that younger age group was clearly the focus of much of the conference..........

.......The LGBT movement is getting serious about the lower grades. One of the prominent workshops at the GLSEN conference was "Starting a Middle School GSA."

At first glance, a "gay" club for middle school students would seem beyond something even most liberals would buy into. But that's simply another challenge for the movement to overcome. After all, it wasn't too long ago that ANY "gay" club at all, even in high school, was beyond the pale......

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