Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh, Oh .... these Canadian jihadis are pretty smart, eh?

Diddly dum diddly doodah .... what a fine web we weave when our Immigration Ministers have cotton wool inside their ears and same inside their skulls.  The latest guy can't even recognize a Nazi flag when it's waved under his nose leave alone the black flag of jihad.  Mind you, these guys in our government have had the best in education that Canada can offer but not the commonsense that's needed to turn that educational background into a powerhouse for the benefit of the country. I see a bleak future for Canada .... and that's not because I am a soothsayer, it's plain simple logic.

From CBC:
U.S. journalists Theo Curtis, Matt Schrier held hostage by Canadians  in Syria.  
At least 3 Canadians took part in forcing hostages to hand over computer passwords and PINs

At least three Canadians who joined an al-Qaeda-linked militant group in Syria were directly involved in the holding and harsh interrogation of two U.S. journalists in the region, CBC News has confirmed.

Sources say the Canadians, whose identities aren't known by CBC, took part in the imprisonment of Theo Curtis and Matt Schrier, who were held in captivity together between 2011 and 2013.

Curtis was released by al-Qaeda affiliate group Jabhat al-Nusra last month, while Schrier escaped last year. Both men are still recovering and haven't yet fully detailed what happened in their years in captivity.

The Canadian captors reportedly forced the hostages to hand over their computer passwords and PINs, draining their accounts. They then callously wrote letters and emails to the journalists' families pretending to be the men, and then set about going after their credit cards and racking them up, buying electronics and computers on eBay, according to the sources..........

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