Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov's no-nonsense attitude is a rarity in politics

Sergey Lavrov is to be admired for his clear and intelligent insight into the machinations of the evil manipulators destroying our world but pretending to be our saviours.  

Below just a few extracts from his speech in Paris on Sep 15.

From RussianForeignMinistry:
Statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov   at the International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq, Paris, 15 September 2014

....In Libya some of the countries represented in this room closed their eyes on the rise of extremists in the fight to topple Muammar Gaddaffi and even supplied arms to them and went to war on their side. We now see what Libya is facing as a result of such reckless policies, and what consequences they had on neighboring Mali and many many other countries. The fact that Bashar al-Asad was hastily declared “illegitimate” more than three yeas ago, has prevented a timely and adequate response to terrorist groups in Syria. Things could have changed after the G8 Summit at Lough Erne in June last year called upon the Syrian government and opposition to unite against terrorists and to expel them from the country. But that call remained on paper, and our proposal to endorse the Lough Erne approach in the UN Security Council was not supported. As a result, many things happened, including the ISIL consolidation of its forces and its action in Iraq and Syria....

.....Today we are not in the business of blame sharing. I mentioned all this only because it is vitally important to learn proper lessons from all mistakes of the past. Nobody is perfect. And if we want to achieve success then all our actions must be based on a firm and clear understanding that the rise of extremism constitutes the main threat to the region. To suppress it must become the key priority, leaving aside all other items on somebody’s wishlist for the region. All states, both in the region and outside, who are genuinely committed to oppose terrorists should unite in deeds, not in words.

One cannot but feel concerned by publicly stated intentions to attack the ISIL positions in the Syria’s territory without any interaction with the Syrian government. I would like to emphasize the point: the terrorist threat is too serious to be addressed from a position of ideological bias, and disrespect of international law. Syria as well as Iran, are our natural allies in the fight against ISIL, and their participation would have enriched our work today. Moral standards which underlie counter-terrorism efforts should not be eroded.

The achievements of the “Islamic State” and many other terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere would have been impossible without financial and material support from outside, including supply of weapons and purchase of oil from fields controlled by terrorists. Shutting down all the channels of such support must become a matter of priority........

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