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World War III news .... September 27

The first vid below is a great example showing how the rise of ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz in the Muslim countries will continue to grow no matter how many millions of bombs the West and allies drop on it hoping to defeat or even to degrade the movement. The vid shows what happened when peace loving secular students of the Istanbul University had a gathering protesting the terrorist army. Supporters of the terrorist army besieged the university halls and terrorized the students. See the students retreating with the soon-to-be new recruits of ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz running after them.  
Bottom line: For every intelligent, peaceful, secular Muslim or non-Muslim in a Muslim nation,  there are 100 violent potential terror army recruits and probably 500 or more terror army sympathizers. The West involving itself in this mess is helping ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz create an even bigger movement. 

So .... the plot thickens like we knew it would.  A no-fly zone is proposed just like the dimwits had done earlier with Libya.  Is the USA and her allies panting to see another Muslim leader get sodomized by their armed and funded terrorists?  It appears to be so.  Will Russia and Iran sit tight and let that happen?  I doubt it.
Notice how the NYTimes cites the purpose of the no-fly zone requirement as " to protect civilians."  HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man... those "journalists" at the NYTimes would make such good stand-up comedians!

From NYTimes:
U.S. Considers a No-Fly Zone to Protect Civilians From Airstrikes by SyriaThe Obama administration has not ruled out establishing a no-fly zone over northeastern Syria to protect civilians from airstrikes by the Syrian government, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Friday.

Mr. Hagel and General Dempsey indicated they are open to considering the request of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey for a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border, where tens of thousands of Syrians have sought refuge. Mr. Hagel said, “We’ve discussed all these possibilities and will continue to talk about what the Turks believe they will require.” He said 1.3 million Syrian refugees are now in Turkey......

You won't find any of the MSM news outlets telling you about civilians killed in the first strike in Raqqa. The USA+hellhole coalition have those special kind of bombs that know to target only jihadis and nothing but jihadis.

Eliot Higgins writing at BellingCat:
Videos and Photographs Claim to Show Civilians Killed by US Led Air Strikes in Syria 
The main allegations come from the small town of Kafar Deryan, in Idlib, and west of Aleppo, where videos and images posted to social media channels have shown rescue efforts after the attacks, victims, and the debris of the munition used.

Reports on the local Facebook page posted around midday details 4 dead and 8 wounded, and includes images of the victims
1 Child Zainab Muhanna Barakat
2 Child Safaa’ Muhanna Barakat
3 Child Mahmoud Juma’a Muaz
4 Mother of Mahmoud Juma’a Muaz
The names of the wounded
1 Khansa Juma’a al-Doush
2 Child Ahmad Muhanna Barakat
3 Child Malak Muhanna Barakat
4 Sabha Shaker Taher, Wife of Muhanna Barakat
5 Child girl Wafaa’ Muhanna Barakat
6 Child Mahmoud Mohammed Muaz
7 Safwan Yahya Skaff
8 Juma’a Mahmoud Muaz

It also reported 3 women and 3 children were killed who they had not yet identified.
A post a few hours later lists four more dead
1 Abdul Hamid Muhammad Jahjah.
2 His wife Reem Al-Hajji.
3 His daughter Basmalah Jahjah.
4 His son Mohammed Jahjah.
In both reports the deaths and injures are linked to US led air strikes..........

Sharmine Narwani writing at PeaceAndProsperity
Undoubtedly the attacks Undoubtedly the attacks were timed to occur on the eve of the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations, so “Coalition” partners could cluster behind the decision to bomb a sovereign state, uninvited.

The irony, of course, is that they are doing so at the UN – the global political body that pledges to uphold international law, peace and stability, and the sanctity of the nation-state unit.

The goal this week will be to keep the “momentum” on a “narrative” until it sinks in.

On day one, heads of state from Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, the UK and France were paraded onto the podium to drum in the urgency of American strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Jabhat al-Nusra and other militant groups inside Syria.

Every American official – past and present - in the White House rolodex was hooked up to a microphone to deliver canned sound bites and drive home those “messages.” In between, video-game-quality footage of US strikes hitting their targets was aired on the hour; clips of sleek fighter jets refueling midair and the lone Arab female fighter pilot were dropped calculatingly into social media networks..........

From PressTV:
The Syrian army
is carrying on with its mop-up operations against the Takfiri militants in the countryside of the capital Damascus.
Government troops succeeded in driving out the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front terrorists from the Adra al-Balad district after fierce clashes on Saturday.
The army inflicted heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists in the area and currently controls most parts of it.

Government forces have also started searching the streets and defusing explosive devices planted earlier by the foreign-backed militants.
The town of Adra, located northeast of the capital, reportedly came under siege by the militants in December last year........

Patrick Cockburn writing at Independent:
As the UK prepares for another war in Iraq, is its strategy any more coherent than in 2003?

Britain is set to join the air campaign against Isis in Iraq, but, going by David Cameron’s speech to the UN General Assembly, the Government has no more idea of what it is getting into in this war than Tony Blair did in 2003.
Mr Cameron says that there should be “no rushing to join a conflict without a clear plan”, but he should keep in mind the warning of the American boxer Mike Tyson that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.
The Prime Minister says that lessons have been learned from British military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan but it is telling that he did not mention intervention in Libya for which he himself was responsible.

In fact, there is a much closer parallel between Britain joining an air war in Libya in 2011 than Mr Blair’s earlier misadventures which Mr Cameron was happy to highlight......

David Stockman writing at PeaceAndProsperity:
...Yes, it is the Washington War Party which transformed the original peaceful (and essentially hopeless) Sunni uprising against the Assads into an armed rebellion and the nation into an apocalypse of brutal warfare and unspeakable sectarian violence and terror. Without Washington’s money and green light, the flow of weapons from Libya, the arms and funds from Qatar and the Saudi’s and the recruiting and transit stations for fighters and weapons along Turkey’s 560 mile border with Syria would not likely have materialized. There would have been no civil war and “fertile recruiting ground” for terrorists in the upper Euphrates valley.

Indeed, the irony is that Syria and Iraq were never real nations in the first place. They originated as set of artificial boundaries drawn on maps by British and French diplomats carving up the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago, and had been held together by a succession of kings, tyrants, generals and dictators—-the last of which were nominated for “regime change” by Washington.
The outcome is self-evidently failed states and seething incubators of terrorism. Yet the War Party is incorrigible. It has now bamboozled even our “peace president” into a bombing campaign that can only compound the anarchy and intensify the inflow of terrorists to the blood-soaked territories that were once Syrian and Iraq........

The vid below is from a much longer interview.  Listen to how this putrid pustule, the Qatari leader, tell us openly that what we in the West term "terrorists" are not "terrorists" to them in the Middle East. Qatar has been arming/funding/training all kind of terrorists hoping at least one of those groups will topple the Assad regime.  So what if a few 100s of 1000s get killed in that process, eh?  

From HurriyetDaily:
Shells land in Turkey as clashes intensify around Kobane
Four mortar shells landed in Turkey near the border with Syria on Sept. 27, injuring two people, as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants clashed with Kurdish forces defending a Syrian border town, local officials and a Reuters witness said. 
ISIL launched an offensive to try to capture the border town of Kobane more than a week ago, besieging it from three sides. More than 150,000 Kurds have fled the town and surrounding villages, crossing into Turkey. 

One of the mortars blew a large hole in an empty minibus parked near Tavşanlı, a village close to Kobane.
Lawyer Onur Kale of Mersin Bar wrote on his Twitter account that a shell hit the minibus they were travelling in.....

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