Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School kids being bullied by Ukrainian nationalists

The government of Canada, against the the wishes of millions of Canadians, has decided to stand with the government of Ukraine.  The bullies you see in the vid below are supporters of that regime which is no better than any one of the disgusting regimes in the worst Muslim  nations around the world.  

Check what they want the poor kid to say at around the 4.07 mark in the vid.  This kid is a brave dude, even while confronted by these disgusting Nazi brutes, he does not show any fear. Bravo!!  I predict he will go far.  I believe all this was because he gave an interview or wrote something in a blog which was against the Ukrainian regime.  Stephen Harper is all for supporting  bullies, isn't he?  First Israel and now Ukraine. Geez !

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