Friday, September 26, 2014

World War III news .... September 26

East Ukraine or Novorussia
Vid shows separatist forces clearing the Donetsk airport and surrounding areas from mines after routing regime's fighters who had control of it until now.

Google translation below from the original Russian at DNRNews:
Donbas conducted the first examination of the bodies, a mass grave which was found the day before in the Lower Krynka, where for a long time held the position of Ukrainian troops. As a result of detailed examination, it was found that people were tortured before killing. The corpses showed signs of withdrawal of the internal organs. Such information with reference to the management of the DNI channel leads LifeNews. On preliminary examination, the bodies said Prime Minister Alexander Zaharchenko DNR: I have personally seen two such burial: chest was cut and torn abdomen. It effects or surgery, or injury. But we have information that the National Guard under the prisoners, and even the wounded "parse" on the bodies.

Employment of physicians by detailed postmortem analysis is complicated by the decomposition of the bodies. The corpses were only slightly sprinkled the ground. Presumably, the death of the unfortunate people came about a month ago. High temperature and time have done their job. disaster burial in the village of Lower Jug arrived today the OSCE Mission to monitor the situation in the south-east. They fixed the damage to human bodies. From the "graves" extracted several corpses without heads and legs. A few people hands tied behind his back. In the minds (if they are not cut off punishers) has input bullet holes - in the back of the skull. Ukrainian media in the usual manner for a militia accused of executions. In this case, none of the central Ukrainian media is not talking about that for a few months at the lower positions were occupied Krynka ukrosilovikami. Moreover, the picture presented ukroSMI sign reading "died for Putin lie" as "evidence" of the involvement of volunteers to executions in the Donbas....

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