Friday, September 19, 2014

Qatar is stealing Sunni Muslims from Bahrain

Some news items from the sheikhdoms are just as ridiculous as the dictators who are all great friends of the leaders of  Western countries.  Birds of a feather stick together.  To prove to you how dictatorial and undemocratic these hellholes are, take note of the area I have highlighted.  It should bother all of us that our leaders consider these cavemen as equal partners in our security issues.

From MiddleEastOnline:
Bahrain slams Qatar  for offering citizenship to Sunni nationals
Bahraini interior minister warns Manama will take action against Doha’s unfriendly policies.

A Bahraini minister sharply criticised Qatar Wednesday for offering citizenship to Sunni nationals of the small Gulf kingdom, warning of "action" if it does not end the practice.

Bahrain, like Qatar, has a Sunni Muslim regime, but its population is majority Shiite, and the loss of Sunnis would exacerbate that demographic imbalance.

Qatar has reportedly given nationality to Bahraini Sunnis, who must renounce their first citizenship in exchange.

"If the unfriendly policies by Qatar and the attempts to entice Bahrainis to give away their nationality continue, Bahrain will be forced to take action that it would have otherwise preferred not to," Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah al-Khalifa said.

The statement came after Bahrain announced the arrest of one of its citizens for taking a Qatari passport and renouncing his Bahraini nationality.
"Unfortunately, illegal procedures taken by Qatar led to the arrest of a member of a Bahraini family," the minister said.
The interior ministry said Sunday that Bahrainis need its authorisation before accepting another citizenship....

.....Meanwhile, Bahraini Shiites have accused their own government of granting citizenship to thousands of Sunnis from abroad, and many demonstrated on Saturday against the practice.....

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