Monday, September 29, 2014

The Russell Tribunal on Israel's genocide and war crimes in Gaza .... Part Two

Part One is here.   

Even though the Russell Tribunal, at this point in world history, does not carry the kind of weight that the The Hague tribunal does, everything that is stated in these sessions will go down in world history and when there's a shift in world powers (that's going to happen within a decade or less) the Russell Tribunal's rulings will become as powerful and as "legal" as any other powerful instrument of law.

Part Two:
Deliberate hits at factories and manufacturing plants in Gaza were well planned to destroy the Gazan economy, and yet the Israelis and the supporters of Israel in the West, blame the Palestinians for not improving their economy and their standard of living. The doublespeak and the doublethink from the Jewish Israelis and their supporters here in the West is straight out of Orwell's 1984.

220 factories were deliberately hit and destroyed by Israel, the worst nation on Earth. In my eyes, Saudi Arabia has fallen to 2nd worst nation,  Israel has taken the top spot.  

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