Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another triumph for science and technology .... India becomes first nation to enter Mars' orbit

on its very first try and that too on a low, low budget of just $73 M.  Congratulations to India .... the country that likes to keep a low profile while aiming high.
Wait for the Western MSM and others to start showing horrible, degrading stuff related to India to make it look that that's what India is all about ... dirt, disease, death, because doncha know only the West is squeaky clean and can achieve wonders on planet Earth.

From RTNews:
India's low-cost space mission reaches Mars orbit

India has become the first nation to reach Mars on its maiden attempt after its Mars Orbiter Mission completed its 10-month journey and successfully entered the Red Planet’s orbit.

The spacecraft was executing the arrival sequence autonomously with engineers receiving the telemetry with 12-and-a-half minute delay at ISRO's control center in Bangalore due to the 139 million miles separating Earth and Mars.

On the orbit, the unnamed probe is set to study Mars’ surface and scan its atmosphere for evidence of some sort of life. The probe is expected to circle Mars for six months, about 500 kilometres (310 miles) from its surface. Its five scientific instruments will collect data and send it back to Earth.....

.......The Mars Orbiter Mission, a low-cost $72 million project, blasted off from Earth on November 5, 2013, aboard an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. At its initial stage, the rocket booster placed the probe into Earth's orbit before the craft fired the engines to break free of Earth's gravity en route to Mars.....

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