Friday, September 12, 2014

Canada is #2 on the list of Most Educated Countries in the World

Guess which country is #1 and where on the list lies the warring country of the United States of America.

Thomas C. Frohlich at Yahoo:
The most educated countries in the world ..............

2) Canada
Pct. population with tertiary education: 52.6%
Average annual growth rate (2000-2011): 2.3% (8th lowest)
Tertiary education spending per student: $23,225 (2nd highest)
More than half of Canadian adults had received tertiary qualification in 2012, the only country other than .....

.....Canada's education expenditure of $23,226 per student in 2011 trailed only the United States' expenditure. Canadian students of all ages appear to be very well-educated. Secondary school students outperformed the majority of countries in mathematics on the PISA in 2012. And nearly 15% of adults in the country performed at the highest level of literacy proficiency, versus an OECD average of 12%.............

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