Tuesday, September 30, 2014

World War III ..... September 30

Few extracts from Mindfriedo's sitrep at the Saker site:
Short Analysis  
-Daash and allied Sunni fighters take over a few villages to the north of Fallujah 
-One of the towns taken over is Sijir, close to Saqlawiyah Military Base
-The Iraqi Army sends in 400 men from the 3rd Brigade, an elite SWAT unit, and members from the Ashaib Ahl Al Haq (League of the Righteous) to take back Sijir. 
-Stiff resistance by Daash forces the fighters back to Saqlawiyah base; there are now 800 to a 1000 men at the base and they are running short of supplies, food and ammunition.....

....-Entrapped soldiers make desperate calls to military commanders who promise relief and air support but nothing arrives. Senior commanders refer to repeated requests being made by soldiers as unnecessary "whining" in the face of attacks
-Daash fighters dressed in Iraqi Army Uniform send in Humvees in a suicide attack. The soldiers guarding the base are reported to have opened the gates assuming the Humvees to be relief supplies. Huge suicide attacks are followed on by a heavy ambush. Daash overruns the base and only a pocket of soldiers are reported to be holding out.......

.......-Daash claims to have killed 300 Iraqi Soldiers, captured two M1A1 Abrams tanks and a Russian tank in addition to other supplies that it looted from the base
-Abadi orders an enquiry and Iraqi Army and Air Force Commanders are reportedly suspended but MPs are demanding prosecution and calling Saqlawiyah Iraq's second Spyker
-The government is claiming that Daash used chlorine gas and is using this as an excuse for the base having fallen .......

Ukraine, Novorussia
IMO, destroyers of historical monuments are to be despised. These Ukrainians reminded me of what the Taliban did to the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and what the ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz are doing to the historical monuments in Syria.  Disgraceful. This was probably the largest statue of Lenin destroyed. I believe the mindlessness of these thugs have destroyed many other monuments which they associate with Russia. Madness!

From Bloomberg:
Fighting continued in Ukraine between government forces and separatists one day after the country’s military suffered its worst casualties since signing a truce earlier this month.

Separatists tried to storm the government-held Donetsk airport twice in the past 24 hours, Ukraine military spokesman Andriy Lysenko told reporters today in Kiev. Rebels shelled Ukrainian army positions with Grad multiple rocket launchers in at least four locations, the military said on Facebook. Nine Ukrainian soldiers were killed in attacks, including a separatist tank assault on an armored personnel carrier near Donetsk airport, the government said yesterday.....

Russia's FM Lavrov gives an interview after his UN appearance:

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