Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Christians kneel in prayer, do they look like they are opening their butts for penetration?

That's the difference between the dignity of a Christian praying to his God and  Muslims farting and opening their aholes all ready and willing  for homosexual entry up their behinds when they call upon their evil incarnate.
Yes.... they need to be told how disgusting they look when in prayer.  Dear Muslims, please don't pray in public ... your pose makes us want to puke all over you.  Pray all you want, but please,please,PLEASE do it behind closed doors.

From Yahoo:
Chiefs player Husain Abdullah gets penalized  after kneeling in Muslim prayer

NFL officiating guru Mike Pereira once said he'd never throw a flag on a player who knelt in the end zone in prayer because he "didn't want to get struck by lightning."
That same belief wasn't shared by the crew working Monday night's Chiefs-Patriots game. 
In a move that is sure to generate some discussion, Husain Abdullah of the Chiefs was flagged 15 yards after kneeling in the end zone in Muslim prayer after scoring a touchdown off an interception of Tom Brady. The unsportmanlike conduct penalty Abdullah received sparked a quick outrage on Twitter where it was noted that plenty of Christian players mark their scores with a sign of deference, reflection or tribute to their higher power. .....

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