Friday, September 19, 2014

Extensive damage in Los Cabos, Mexico after hurricane Odile

Tourist spot hit and the govt. had to send in troops to stop looters.

From WorldBulletin:
The government said it had sent in 8,000 troops    and federal police to reinforce security after looters made off with everything from beer to bicycles and plasma TVs from supermarkets.
Mexico sent in troops and police to safeguard thousands of tourists stranded in the storm-battered Mexican Pacific resort of Los Cabos on Thursday after widespread looting.
Odile churned into the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula on Sunday as a Category 3 hurricane, wreaking havoc on a scenic area popular with U.S. sun seekers that has rarely witnessed such devastation.
Two people died after trying to cross a flooded stream in the area of Santa Rosalia, officials said.
However, the peninsula looked set to avoid a second hammering, as Hurricane Polo weakened to a tropical storm and the U.S. National Hurricane Center said it was on track to veer northwest out to sea.
By Thursday, some 18,000 tourists had been airlifted out of the area, Mexico's Ministry of Transport and Communications said. But thousands more remained trapped and bottled water was being rushed in with other emergency supplies......

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