Sunday, September 21, 2014

World War III news ........ September 21

Wow!  WWIII is heating up and I have not even gone to check in on what's happening in the Ukraine, Syria and Iraq.

A bomb blast in the centre of Cairo?  This is bad news.
Looks like the jihadis in  Egypt didn't take to their leader telling the USA "We are completely committed to giving support. We will do whatever is required."  

Policeman killed in blast near Egypt ministry
One police officer killed in bombing in Cairo's Boulaq Abu Eila neighbourhood, interior ministry statement says.
One Egyptian policeman was killed in a bombing outside the foreign ministry in Cairo, the interior and health ministries said, revising an earlier toll.
Seven people were wounded in the blast that targeted a police checkpoint, assistant interior minister Abdel Fattah Othman told the official MENA news agency on Sunday......

Today, has not been a good day for Egypt. Earlier today, an Egyptian military aircraft  on a training mission crashed killing six soldiers.

From MiddleEastOnline:
Egypt military aircraft  crashes after technical failure
Aircraft comes down about 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Cairo, killing six soldiers and injuring one.
n Egyptian military aircraft crashed on a training mission on Sunday after a technical failure, killing six soldiers, the army said.
The aircraft came down about 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Cairo, an army statement said.....

A Shiite militant branch of the Houthi clan of Yemen has taken over the government on the resignation of the Prime Minister. The thing to remember where Yemen is concerned is that the wonderful USA on behalf of Saudi Arabia has been deploying drones to hit both Houthis and Sunni militants and that particular mini-civil war has been going on for the last 4 or more years. Sunnis hit by USA drones are the Sunnis who don't want Saudi Arabia interfering in their country and the Shiites killed by the USA drones are Saudi Arabia's and Israel's enemies and thus USA's might is used wherever anybody dares to have Iran as their mentor.  Nobody is permitted to take any goodies from Iran or else death comes calling via the USA's killing machines.

From KuwaitNews
Houthis control gov't, army headquarters, as Yemen's PM quits
 Houthi militants on Saturday seized the headquarters of the Yemeni government, the Army General Command and the official TV building in the center of the capital Sanaa, as the Prime Minister Mohammed Basindawa resigned.
Member of the political council of the Ansar Allah Ali Al-Bekhiti, said that their fighters had spread in the vicinity of the government and the TV headquarters and controlled them amid no resistance from the army troops guarding both.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Bassindwa today announced his resignation, saying he wanted to give a chance for an agreement between President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Houthi Ansar Allah group.
He added in a statement that his resignation would pave the way for forming a technocrat government that could drag the country out of the current crisis.
This coincided with the Houthis' seizing control of the command of the First Armored Division in central Sanaa following fierce fighting for 24 hours. Houthi sources said they had handed the premises over to the presidential protection forces. Houthis had also seized control of all the offices of the Islah Party (Yemeni Congregation for Reform) in northern Sanaa. They also evacuated a hospital of some Islah leaders of staff and patients.
Houthis also controlled the premises of the Fourth Reserves Brigade in Sanaa as well as the Army General Staff Headquarters, with no fighting as guards surrendered with no fighting.....

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