Monday, September 22, 2014

More on the Turkish offensive at the border and the plight of the Syrian Kurdish refugees

Those of us who knew what was going on in the treacherous world of the USA and her allies, knew all along that Turkey and Israel were fully on the side of the sheikhdoms in their support of the "moderate jihadis."  Just like how Israel has been healing injured jihadis and sending them back into Syria through the Golan Heights so also Turkey has been doing the same at the Syria/Turkey borders and plus much more.  Jihadis flew, and still do, from all over the world to Turkey and from there they were smuggled across the border into Syria.  If anybody had any doubts about  Turkey's support not only for the "moderate jihadis" desire to oust Assad, but also for ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz, what's going on right now at the Turkish border with Syria, should dispel those doubts.  

Turkish Kurds who are trying to help the Syrian Kurdish refugees cross the border are hampered from doing so and at the same time Turkish Kurds  trying to go into Syria to help the Syrian Kurds fight ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz are prevented from doing so.  Isn't that proof enough that the  USA and allies' ultimate goal is to oust Assad.... somehow, anyhow and damn the consequences?  

This World War is the messiest the world has ever seen and the likelihood of something dirty like this will not be seen again .... because, like someone said,  the next world war will be fought with sticks and stones.

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