Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The wonderful world of Ukraine's politicians from the loony bin

The first vid embedded in the tweet is about an incident in Odessa. From what I can piece together from the awful YouTube translation, this infighting is between the right sector party (read that as Nazi sympathizers) and some other party that the right sector consider to be either pro-Russian or something. This is all to do with the upcoming elections, of course. Here's another vid of the same incident    and according to the description the man being beaten  is "people's deputy Nestor Shufrich."

The next two vids show how the members of political parties, even high ranking members from the various  parties, behave worse than the MPs in Muslim countries. Politicians and their supporters have a habit of throwing  MPs from opposition parties into garbage bins.  These kind of incidents are on the rise in Kiev.  I have seen vids where hooligans lift up government officials from their office chairs and take them right out of the building and dump them in garbage bins.  It does not take long for such unruliness to escalate into uncontrollable brutality.

AND, into this mess of a country, our warlord PM Stephen Harper and his mini warlord FM John Baird, have in their almighty woolly bully wisdom decided to give every support to the thugs in Ukraine's mad government asylum.

Here's more  on the shameful behaviour as shown in the vid below.  According to the article the man is an ex-Minister from the earlier regime before the present coup government took over.

Below yet another MP gets dumped in a dumpster.

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