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World War 3 news ..... September 29 .... Part 2

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Syrian Foreign Minister at the UN 

From Reuters:
U.S.-led air strikes hit grain silos and other targets in Islamic State-controlled territory in northern and eastern Syria overnight, killing civilians and wounding militants, a group monitoring the war said on Monday.

The aircraft may have mistaken the mills and grain storage areas in the northern Syrian town of Manbij for an Islamic State base, said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. There was no immediate comment from Washington......

Although Turkey seem to have deployed a dozen tanks or so to a part of its long border with Syria, it remains to be seen if this nation that has been facilitating jihadis to walk through their borders into Syria and letting jihadis wearing their black flag T-shirts in full view of nervous Turkish  public transit commuters in Istanbul,  will actually fight the ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz they helped create.  I will tell you right here and now that they will pretend to fight them but it will be a half-hearted effort.  Turkish soldiers are better at targeting their own citizens, especially those who show a  secular bend. 

From PressTVIran:
Turkey has deployed a number of tanks and armored vehicles to an area near the Syrian border as the ISIL Takfiri group intensifies its movements in the region.

According to reports on Monday, at least 15 Turkish tanks took position in the border town of Mursitpinar which lies just northwest of the Syrian border town of Ain al-Arab, which is also known as Kobani to the Kurds......

Doublespeak from the USA as usual. I would rather believe the Iraqi officials  than the lying Obama who keeps insisting that there won't be boots on the ground. 
From GlobalResearch:
Iraqi officials say   that the United States is due to send 13,000 soldiers to Iraq, despite its claims of complete military withdrawal from the country.

The vice president of the local council of Iraq’s Saladin Province made the announcement on Thursday, adding that the troops, along with their vehicles, would be stationed at the Speicher airfield in the city of Tikrit, located 140 kilometers (87 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad.
Washington has already sent 1,600 troops to Iraq, most recently on September 10, when an additional 475 soldiers were deployed to the country. The US claims most of them serve as advisers to Iraqi and Kurdish forces or provide security for the US embassy and the international airport in the Iraqi capital.

Washington has also been conducting airstrikes against the positions of the Takfiri ISIL militants in Iraq.
The Iraqi official, meanwhile, confirmed that there are dozens of military advisors on the ground in the province.
The deployment comes as US President Barack Obama said earlier this month that he would not pursue another ground war in Iraq after US troops’ pullout from the country in 2011......

This vid throws a lot of sunshine on Obama's and McCain's beloveds in Syria, the "moderate jihadis."

From Reuters:
The Lebanese army said on Thursday one person was killed and two wounded during a search for suspected militants at refugee camps near the border with Syria.

Soldiers shot at three people on a motorbike who were trying to set fire to parts of a refugee camp during the raids, killing one and wounding the other two, it said.

After dark, the army fired artillery at suspected militants who tried to infiltrate from the border zone, apparently setting off land mines as they did so, a security source said. There were an unknown number of casualties among the militants....
.....Security sources said the number detained in the past two weeks had reached about 450.....

Somewhere in Syria, Allah Akbars are shitting all over themselves

From RTNews:
Retaliation for US-led airstrikes in Syria  will follow, Al-Qaeda offshoot vows
The US-led air campaign against terrorists in Syria amounts to a war against Islam, Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front group has claimed, promising retaliation against those states involved in the bombing of the ‘caliphate’ instead of targeting Assad forces.

“We are in a long war. This war will not end in months nor years,” group spokesman Abu Firas al-Suri said as cited by Reuters. “It's not a war against Nusra Front, it's a war against Islam.”
Dozens of Al-Nusra Front fighters were reportedly killed after the anti-ISIS coalition launched the first round of its airstrikes on Tuesday, and the audio message released on Saturday is the group’s first reaction to attacks....

I don't know if this site is supposed to be like the satirical Onion. But, on the other hand, nothing surprises or shocks me about certain leaders of the world.
From AWDNews:
The so-called Islamic State   in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) intends to inaugurate its first diplomatic mission in Istanbul in order to provide consular services for all who wish to join the extremist group in Iraq, reported Turkish daily Aydinlik as saying.

Abu-Omar Al-Tunisi, the ISIS de facto head of foreign relations issued a statement, saying that the Islamic Caliphate is determined to launch its first diplomatic mission in a friendly and Muslim country. He further noted that the ISIS hopes that the bilateral relations with Ankara will witness more developments under the aegis of newly-elected president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

ISIS also claims that its consulate in Istanbul will pay the hospital bills of all wounded Islamist militants who traveled to turkey to receive medical treatment.

CHP (Republican People's Party) , a leading Turkish opposing party issued a communique condemning Turkish government decision to allow ISIS to open a legal diplomatic office  in Çankaya - the central and elegant metropolitan district of the city of Istanbul........

Turkey helped create the terrorist jihadi army in their desire to oust Assad. The influx of refugees in Turkey is what Turkey should have expected. One pays for one sins .... sooner than later. 

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