Friday, September 26, 2014

What goes on in the educational institutions in the dying days of the USA

It's not just the government that is drifting into nowhere land. When people are uncertain of the direction their country has taken, they feel uncertain and fearful of standing firmly by what their parents had once stood for. The foundation of any country is its educational backbone and the backbone is made up of the people running those institutions. That backbone is broken in the USA and the same fate awaits us here in Canada.

Victor Skinner writing at EagNews: 
....The Windham, New Hampshire school board members wrestled with an apparently controversial topic at a recent meeting: Whether or not to accept free pocket Constitutions to distribute to students.....

.....Last year Windham resident John Grieco donated 2,841 pocket-sized copies of the Constitution to the school district, one for each child, and wanted to do the same this year. When he contacted district officials, district curriculum coordinator Kori Becht turned away the donation and “told me that they already had the resources and materials they needed,” Grieco told the news site.....

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