Thursday, February 18, 2010

When is the movie coming out ?

I love those "bad guy gets it" movies. This one, when made, will be fascinating to watch given the number of actors involved. According to articles coming out, it looks like 11 assassins were involved in the killing of one rotten apple. I absolutely love this way of getting rid of those murderous thugs. And look at the other bright side... these incidents can be made into thrillers we can all enjoy. I nominate Bruce Willis to take on the role of the assassin squad's mastermind. I wonder if that mad imam from UK can be persuaded into taking on the Mabhouh's character. He would have to just walk for a couple of minutes, enter the hotel lobby, walk to room, enter his room and then leave it to the other actors to play their part. Easy as pie.

Tom Gross reports
Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph UK


  1. Best of all, if they DO get the Mad imam to play the part, they can use REAL bullets.

  2. Shame on the British government for leaking the names and photos of the Israeli agents. Also shame on the National Post and other papers for publishing the photos.

  3. CanadaGoose - I too found it odd that they would publish the photos and then I realized that the UAE papers had already leaked all the photos almost a day before the newspapers our side of the world. Once the cat's out of the bag, that's it.


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