Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Brits are whining as usual

They can't even discipline their muslim citizens who come out in force to jeer, mock and threaten the home coming of soldiers from Afghanistan but they have the cheek to tell us that: "Alas, the Canadians have come across as a bunch of mean-spirited, chippy, unsporting losers."

This from the Chief Sports Writer at The Times, London. Creepy Slimy Worm would be a more appropriate title for this wimpish, whiny moron. Why are the Brits so envious of Canada?

He goes on to say: "The Canadian shenanigans in Vancouver have alienated the entire world."

My guess is that millions across the world never thought that Canada would be first in Gold and that we would be doing so fantastic overall. As I write this, we have won 12 Gold and our overall standing is 24. My estimate says an overall medal count of  28 at Olympics end.

However,  for the Brits to actually come out and show their gall is so unbecoming of a nation that used to be at the forefront once upon a time. How the mighty have fallen in stature and demeanour!!   What a total azzhole

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  1. We dont have the financial sector meltdown they do or the racial unemployments problems.

    A cranky writer who is tired of freezing in his overpriced flat freezing on a tiny island should not be a big concern.

    We have tied and will beat the old soviet union in most golds. We have already tied most gold by any host nation.



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