Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some days I love to poke those lefties with a red hot cattle prod

Today is one of those days. All I have to do is write about Sarah Palin and the hackles on those uglies rise to the occassion. Boy, is Palin an absolute WOW. What a woman! What a great Prez she will make! USA's first woman Prez- in- waiting. Wonder what will happen to all those feminists and the terrorist sympathizers when she takes residence in the WH. Can't wait to see that happen. If not 2012, maybe 2016... but she is headed in that direction, make no mistake of that folks, even you folks on the Right who think she is a bubblehead - take note and despair. Here's her interview with Wallace and the last link tells what Wallace said about that interview to his colleague. Riveting stuff.

Part 2
Part 3
About the claim that Wallace rolled his eyes


  1. On that we agree absolutely. She is absolutely the most brilliant political visionary produced by the Republicans in years, no question.

  2. She is not electable as President. I know the pro lifers go ape shit because she had the retarded baby and little Juno Palin had the teen baby and she can parade her family as props on magazine covers with "We are happy we chose life", but you are alienating yourself from people on your own team.

    Hey, if she wants the media to stop talking about her family, then stop parading them in front of the cameras as props at every opportunity!

  3. Iceman, you are wrong. She has a strength and clarity of vision unequalled by any Republican today. Only she can stop the GOP from a catastrophic slide into the middle. The time has come to recognize that, to unite, and to stand behind the one woman who truly epitomizes American Conservatism


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