Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Landing on the moon was easy ... building a fence requires will-power

Work on building a fence of approx. 2000 miles on the US-Mexican border was started in 2006. It was scheduled for completion by 2011 but the latest estimates say the fence will not be completed until  another 6-7 years.  Politics are involved here as with everything else. More illegal immigrants = more potential voters for the Left sometime down the road and more cheap labor for everybody else. 

..... It took the U.S. a tad more than eight years from the announcement in 1961 to put a man on the moon. Now we can't build a fence in seven?

The long string of delays renders a fence meaningless. Seven years, the exact remaining duration of two Obama administration terms, suggests that the president is delaying the fence while preparing to enact a comprehensive immigration reform centered around amnesty for illegals.

That's not border control. That's politics. And it leaves our border unguarded at a bad time........

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  1. It's always a fun exercise to back to the original source documents for these posts, and find out what the spokespeople actually said.

    Now, your post hints darkly that delays with this fence are some kind of Obama Conspiracy. However, the LA Times article from which the key quotes are drawn (follow the links) explains that the problem is technical, and the flaws were inherent in the original 2005 design of the fence. This is acknowledged in the same article by the lead contractor, Boeing.

    So while I sympathize with your belief that everything bad in the universe is part of the great Obama-Soros conspiracy, you might just want to rethink this one.

  2. No !! I stand by my assertion that delaying building the fence is what the Left wants and also those who employ cheap labor.
    Regardless of whatever flaws found in the design, they can be corrected and such minor challenges do not take ages to accomplish.

  3. I've always subscribed to the idea that fences make good neighbours, and Canada should start on one between us and the Americans ASAP. Think of the employment it would create!

    And further, I see a great benefit to fences between the Provinces, running from the US Border to the high Arctic. Here in B.C., we have a lot of trouble with Albertans, and a fence might discourage them from coming here smoking up all our BC Bud, crowding into our casinos, and making our highways so dangerous!

    Yep, fences are a great idea!


  4. Hmmm. Well, it would help support your position if you could in some way dispute the technical issues raised by both the contractor (Boeing) and the client (the Department of Homeland Security).

    But of course, you can't. It's a shame. I love conspiracy theories. But unfortunately most conspiracy theories, like this one, fall apart when confronted with boring facts, as the link actually illustrates.

    I like your "No" with two exclamation points, though. Very emphatic. Well, enjoy your little frisson of righteous rage, dear. The rest of us chose to live in Realityville. Come visit sometime! ;)


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