Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dalton McGuinty ... Destroyer of small business.... Part Three

What can you say about a Premier who prefers to award more than 4 Billion dollars to foreign companies and cares little about small scale outfits in Ontario going bust at an alarming pace? The other day, I was in Scarborough, visiting a mall where I had, about a year ago, found very inexpensive DVDs. Today that mall  might as well shut down completely. A year ago, it was a hive of activity with close to a hundred stores, but last week there were less than 10 stores that still remained opened.

.........In total, just three of the sweetheart deals handed out to foreign companies by Dalton McGuinty work out to more than $4 billion in subsidies to foreign companies -$437 million for Korea's Samsung, $263 million for France's Ubisoft and $3.5 billion for the American-made Chevy Volt...........

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cartoons credit: Graeme MacKay,Ontario and
John Fewings, Ontario

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  1. The food service and hospitality industry is on the verge of extinction, so how is Dalton going to handle the surge of unemployed servers, bartenders, cooks, delivery drivers, book keepers, etc.........


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