Sunday, February 21, 2010

Canadian daredevils on ice

Every time those snowboarders or those lugers or those skeleton riders or those freestyle skiiers are racing on the white stuff, my muscles tighten up and my heart beat accelerates alarmingly, and numerous expletives come unbidden and loud when a Canadian athlete gets beaten by others.

Maelle Ricker who won the gold medal in the snowboard cross event, did you see how far ahead she was from the rest ? One wonders if she was born right there on those snowy banks themselves. There was an interesting tale about her name "Maelle" which her mom related to a reporter, how someone they knew had named their own baby Maelle, but then for whatever reason changed it legally to something else, and Maelle's parents grabbed the name for their own baby.

When watching the men's snowboard cross, I was so disappointed that Mike Robertson (Mike from Canmore, no less... hehe) did not get the gold. He was leading  all the way and then an American overtook him in the final couple of seconds. The expletive I let out must have been heard for miles around.

And how about the figure skating. Of course, I was rooting for Patrick Chan and you got to admit that Chan was great in the short session but got a disappointing 5th placement. However, in the long session.... things did not work out the way he had planned them. Another disappointment in the men's long as well as the short sessions, the judges were, in my opinion, baised against Johnny Weir. His performance should have got him a better placement, but just because he is flamboyantly gay...... enough said.

Gold medal for freestyle skiing by Alexandre Bilodeau... Wow, simply wow. I was rooting for Bilodeau from the start. The love and care he bestows on his older brother who has cerebral palsy makes him the overall winner of the Canadian Olympics 2010, in my books anyway.

Kristina Groves - Bronze for speed skating vid here for those who missed it, like I did
Jennifer Heil - freestyle skiing silver. For those who missed it, here's the vid,
Christine Nesbitt of Ontario got Gold for speed skating and she did it ever so easily, or so it seems here.
Jon Montgomery - Gold for Skeleton,  I missed this event, but watched it here.
The women's figure skating starts on Tuesday. Right now, women's curling is on. Despise me all you want, but I think curling is the most ridiculous sport ever. When I first saw curling after migrating to the West, I laughed myself into a stomach ache. But, hey, everyone to their own game and their own likes and dislikes.

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  1. Maria, you obviously have never tried curling, it's a sport of skill and thinking, in a way it reminds me of chess because you have to think ahead, and look at all the angles. If Wayne Gretzky thinks it is amazing, maybe you should watch a game and see how strategic it really is. Besides, they have the brier patch, that's why the fans are so loud!


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