Monday, February 22, 2010

The vampiric blood-thirst of George Soros ...

for endless amounts of money will never end unless a stake is driven into his heart and he is buried six feet under. The man is one of the main puppet masters of the universe, the universe as we know it today is largely in his hands. He is the epitome of those evil characters you see in movies where maddish morons want to hold the world in the palm of their right hand, while they destroy mankind with the ultimate WMD they are holding in their left hand. This is the man responsible for the introduction of hedge funds which have been responsible for the total distruction of many a company. His strategy is simple. If a CEO of any organization defies the rules as set down by Soros, he will use his "hedge powers" on the company's stock and manipulate the hedges in such a way that within a very short time the stock is kissing dust on the trading floor. The organization and it's BOD are then putty in Soros's evil hands.

His tactics are let loose on all whom he perceives to be defying him, as befits and becomes any of the moronic madhatters shown in movies. However, Soros's tricks are played on real human beings and not for the benefit of the arts.
A few weeks ago, the gold market had a severe fall back and for a few days only those close to the nexus of such things knew the reason why.  
During the World Economic Forum in Davos in late January, Mr Soros said: "When interest rates are low we have conditions for asset bubbles to develop, and they are developing at the moment. The ultimate asset bubble is gold."

While investors starting selling their gold holdings on this new bubble fear, guess who started buying truckloads of the stuff at decreased prices? Yes, you guessed right. Soros. Not just Soros, someone in China has also been increasing their holdings in gold and the usual suspect is the Chinese govt itself. The world is controlled by a few crooked individuals and regulations put in place to keep ordinary folks like us honest, will never mean anything to these powerful entities. Soros knows that inflation is on the rise and so he wants to increase his gold holdings but why  would he ever think of going about it in an honest way when  he has the power to pull strings every which way he wants to?  He is a manipulator and so he manipulates to get what he wants at a price that he is willing to pay and damn the consequences.

And to think that it is Soros that holds the strings to the supposedly most powerful man on earth !!  It's a nightmare unfolding right before our eyes.


  1. Now let me get this straight.

    a) The price of gold fell.

    b) Some canny investors bought at a lower price.

    Ummm...well, I did the same thing. It's what investors do. I an evil puppet master running the universe as well? Cuz if I am, I'd like a little bit more deference and hopefully some royalty cheques.

  2. Contrary to popular belief gold is not rising because of inflation. Gold falls in price when people are confident in their current money (paper dollars). It rises when that confidence is shaken. It is going up because the smart money is becoming afraid to hold fiat dollars. This has not spilled over to the general public yet. When it does it will result in a bubble.

    Soros is shifty but he was misquoted in the press. What he said was 'gold is the ultimate asset bubble’. He did not mean it is in a bubble now. He meant it will be the ultimate bubble.

  3. Balbulican - you missed the point as usual.
    The man said something, or according to Kevin he was misquoted, negative about gold that was taken as a signal to sell the commodity. Once the selling started, the price dropped. That's when Soros did his additional buying. My conclusion: He did it deliberately to buy at a lower price.
    I am mad as hell because I was nursing a few shares of YRI and just when I was almost ready to make a little grocery money, Soros played his nasty trick.

  4. I didn't miss the point, Mariah. You misunderstood what Soros said, then attributed a consequence to the remark he didn't make.

    Sorry about your loss, but I think you're stretching the point if you're blaming Soros for reasonable fluctuations in the market.

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  6. You know Balbulican - only idiots argue for the sake of arguing like yourself.

    Soros and other financial "gurus" like Warren Buffet,etc ... whenever they say something or imply something about a stock or commodity, they know fully well what will happen when next the market opens for business.

    Stocks are traded on the slightest of rumors and that is why there are bodies like SEC and others to prevent people from preying on the gullibility or the fears of investors. If you think that Soros's remarks which were reported widely would not have an adverse effect, then you are simply standing in Soros's corner for the sake of winning a debate with me.

    Won't happen, moronic one.

    You are wrong. Bottom line, Soros is to be blamed for the sudden deep fluctuation that happened soon after his remarks.

  7. A wiser person than me once wrote that when your opponent in an argument descends to personal insults while you're still speaking with civility, you've won.

    "Idiot"? "Moronic one"?

    I guess you lose.

  8. The wiser person than you, must have also been an idiotic one like you trying to win a debate with nonsensical claims, just like you do.

  9. Are you having a rough week? You're sounding more than usually childish.


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