Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The niqab and burka question will not go away until they do

I totally agree with Prof. Laina. If only everybody would give a rest to their "political correctness" for just one nanosecond and let some common sense enter those largely false self-imposed layers of "I am so good to everybody, I want everybody to love me, kiss, kiss, kiss" persona, then they would see why it is not wrong to insist that this mode of dress is not welcome in our midst.

If we cannot ban the kind of attire that one wears or not wears, then I wonder if it's okay for people to go around buff naked as well. Hmmmmmmmm

....Reciprocity has not been mentioned. If a European woman travels to Saudi Arabia or Iran, she must be covered up – in Arabia, totally. That is their custom, and they insist upon compliance. Very well, then, when in Rome – or Paris, Copenhagen, or Berlin –immigrant women and visitors should abide by local custom. Reciprocity is fair.....

....Sometimes a headscarf is not just a head covering but is a red flagread the whole thing

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