Thursday, February 18, 2010

It was intentional, baby, INTENTIONAL I say.

Hey... but you can carry on with your merry jig that we are not at war with the crazies of this world. Go sip another glass of that extra strong kool-aid, nitwits mine. FoxNews reports that Officials are investigating whether the Austin, Texas, plane crash was an intentional act, " an NTSB official told Fox News"
I tried to lay a bet of just 10 bucks that it was either a terrorist act or someone mad with the IRS for auditing them or something, but nobody in my family wants to take me on. They have been shelling out a lot of money to yours truly of late.
via: Matt Drudge



  1. Ok. I don't know if anyone has already responded to this. It's possible that no one has. Your blog is the only place I have seen this incident mentioned. Now that it is "old news" on your blog (and never news on the bloggingtories, as far as I can see), I have to ask you: what are your thoughts?

    I suspect that if the pilot were a muslim, there would be many entries on bloggingtories. I want to know if you think so too, and why you might think that this incident has received so little attention. (At least I have seen very little. I am not religiously seeking it out. I figured after the number of times I saw footage of Brittany Spears shaving her head, running in a constant loop (footage I almost always saw against my will) that the media would surely focus on important issues even more, given the 24 hr news cycle.

    Yes. That last part was probably an insult to the MSN. But seriously. Why I have I seen so little about this, and why is it that his actions are not being connected to a larger group/movement?


  2. Hi there Balbulican aka Anon1152 - how has the world been treating you these days?

    As for your "worry' that others at BT have not mentioned this incident, rest assured. Many had. We never let go of anything that looks out of the ordinary.


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