Thursday, February 18, 2010

This could have been our judicial system ...

if people like Marion Boyd and Barbara Hall had got their way in 2005. Some stuff should never be forgotten... and lest you forget, women like me will keep reminding you how close we came to letting these women introduce Shariah law in Ontario.

If not for women like Homa Arjomand, Elka Ruth Enola, June Callwood, Sally Armstrong amongst many others, we would have had this evil in our midst today. It would have started out as "only for Muslims" but would have very soon spread like wildfire to emcompass everybody else. If you don't believe me, see what's happening to even secular Muslims and people not of the Muslim faith in the UK. Never forget these names folks, these women of courage, dignity and intelligence is what makes the fabric of Canada so strong and resilient. Unfortunately, June Callwood passed away a few years ago, but there will be others like her to take up the fight against Shariah in Canada, if it ever again rears it's ugly head.

The journalist Barbara Kay said it best:
Soft jihad cannot succeed without the complicity of naive elites, bedazzled by their own boundless compassion and humanity. Sadly, of these "useful idiots" in the corridors of wealth and power the West offers an embarras de richesses. How does one recognize a soft jihadist? An infallible sign is her or his promotion of official shariah law.
Hey there Barbara.Hall and Marion Boyd, with each other's blessings, the great supporters of Shariah courts, is this what you wanted in Ontario?


  1. We must remain vigilant because the "progressives" will not stop until we are as messed up as their socialist love, Europe.

  2. Commissar Hall just moved on down the road to exercise her democratic franchise, by denying the same to anyone who does not ascribe to her world view.


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