Friday, February 19, 2010

Are there not enough cemetaries in the USA to keep ACORN happy ...

making up fraudulent IDs of long dead American citizens whose ghosts can vote in US elections  that now this evil org invades our shores and possibly our cemetaries too?  What is going on Ottawa???  Don't we have enough government agencies of our own to talk on behalf of our own?  Why do we need this corrupt scandal-ridden American network here? Which government agency approved their licensing and who exactly is responsible for this atrocity? We want names and we want to raise a stink about this... but who to write to, who to scream at ?  Does anyone know?  I am of the firm opinion that such troubling issues should be nipped in the bud before they bloom and spread their evilness in all directions. The time to take action to close ACORN offices in Canada is NOW. Write or call your MPs. We DO NOT want ACORN in Canada.

.....The contentious part is a proposal to pay what is called a "living wage" to all those who provide services to the city. One has to admire the choice of terminology. A living wage sounds like something good and some took the term literally. Councillor Clive Doucet said that people receiving the minimum wage now were starving.

A group called ACORN Canada argues that no one should make less than $13.50 an hour. This could mean that the city might insist that all the companies supplying it services pay their workers at least that much when they are carrying out city contracts. It wouldn't be the companies absorbing the cost, of course, it would be the taxpayers.

The level of thinking was appalling, even for a council that is more frequently inspired by Harpo Marx than Karl Marx. Councillor Georges B├ędard argued that it all made sense because the city sets rates of pay for employees all the time. Yes, its own employees, not someone else's. Doucet said that it was all about making people feel better. The enthusiasm for doing their bit to end poverty was so great that councillors forgot that many fixed-income taxpayers actually take in less each year than minimum-wage workers....    read the whole disgusting bit here

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