Monday, February 15, 2010

Pro-lifers are a threat to America.... terrorist killers, not so much

What a topsy-turvy madhouse the USA has become within just one short year?! If Obama wins another term , we can expect a deluge of Americans heading towards our borders. Not that, that would be a bad thing.

The Department of Homeland Security has a clear, if difficult, mission. It includes securing 7,500 miles of border and 9,500 miles of shoreline, and protecting 300 million Americans from the threats posed by a bold and determined jihadist enemy.

But its greatest menace is a former stay at home mother of 11 and grandmother of eight from Brookfield, Wisconsin. Or so it would seem.

Peggy Hamill, state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, is among a group of pro-life activists upon whom a DHS “threat assessment” was performed last year. The assessment targeted the free speech rights of peaceful pro-life activists in Madison, Wisconsin, who oppose the state university’s plans to force medical professionals to perform late-term abortions....... read on


  1. Obama win another term? That's about as likely as me becoming a liberal.

  2. Justin - never underestimate the power of the Chicago mafia. ACORN helped Obama get to the WH and they can get all the dead from every cemetary to vote for him once again. ACORN is a product of Chicago.

  3. Never underestimate the power of an angry American people. If you think that the American populace will allow their nation to be hijacked, think again.

  4. Here's a simple question. Have some antiabortion groups and/or individuals advocated or carried out terrorist activities, running the gamut from civil disobedience to property destruction to murder?

  5. Here's another simple question? Have some pro-choice groups and/or individuals advocated or carried out terrorist activities running the gamut from civil disobedience to property destruction to murder?

    Let me answer that for you straight away before I go on with my daily chores, with the first website I found:

    Enjoy... Oh foolish leftie one.

  6. Ignatieff is trying to promote abortion as a contraceptive. Stupid, stupid Iffy, Canadians know a contraceptive stops conception and an abortion stops a pregnant woman from giving birth. Canadians know that a contraceptive does not increase a woman's chances of getting breast cancer by 40%. Canadians know that a contraception will not impair a woman's chances of having a healthy baby in the future. Stupid, stupid Iffy.

  7. Since your link failed to provide any instances of pro-choice groups targeting anti-choice activitist for murder, your point is unclear.

    And your careful evasion of my question is its own answer.

    The bottom line is that the wacko fringe of the anti-choice movement advocates terror and has murdered and committed terrorism in support of their cause.

    It's important to note that it IS a wacko fringe, not representative of most of those in the anti-choice movement. But it's terrorism, nonetheless.

  8. Balbulican - If there is one thing I agree on regarding this topic ... it is the extremists found in both camps.
    The pro-life activists would stop their extremism if only late term abortions were not given so freely.
    I fully agree that ultimately it is the woman's choice whatever it is she wants to do with her body and the contents of her body... if she wants the abortionist to scrap her insides (which years later probably turn to cancer of some sort) so be it. If she was not able to keep her legs together and was stupid enough not to abort within a month, then the woman is not capable of being a mother and even if she is persuaded to give birth to the baby, the baby would fare better outside her care.

    The thing that I don't understand, like almost all other conservatives, is how one can kill a human being so heartlessly and without remorse. Make no mistake about it, and no matter how people tell it, after a certain number of weeks the fetus is a baby .... a human baby. How a mother can kill her own is something I cannot wrap my head around.

    It's all very well to stick to your leftie ideals of pro-choice. How about actually picturing the little baby being killed ? Ever tried picturing that?

  9. "after a certain number of weeks the fetus is a baby .... a human baby."

    Absoluletly. Do you agree with SUZANNE that a fetus is a baby as of the moment of conception?

    "How about actually picturing the little baby being killed ? Ever tried picturing that?"

    Yes, like any adult who has tried to wrestle with the issue, I have.


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