Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another hammerer of nails into Toronto's coffin .... Mayor David Miller

The Province of Ontario has the most number of government officials who do nothing everyday but think of new ways and means to screw the taxpayers. They have excuses for every foolish action of theirs that goes awry. No, no, no ... they are never at fault and whatever they say has to be accepted and believed without even the tiniest sliver of a doubt. This mayor can defend the TTC until he is blue in the face but the citizens of this city know better. If the transportation system of the city was efficient as the man wants you to believe, they would not be asking for more and more handouts and increasing the cost of the fares with every new printing of their tokens.  Remember the garbage strike that went on for weeks on end, and where this Union lover gave in to the demands of the already bloated union workers thus showing  the finger to the taxpayers ?    Today, the man was on TV spewing some rubbish about changing some rules and regulations to make consumers less peeved with the way the city is run.  I stopped listening after 20 seconds.

The union supporters and the Lib and NDP voters who are responsible for letting loose this man on the citizens of  Toronto have not been able to prop up his failing numbers, no matter how hard they try. We have a failed Premier in the person of Dalton McGuinty and a failed Mayor in the person of David Miller. How much more can this province take ? Go here to see his performance results:

Performance index:
February 2010: 3.38 points out of 10
January 2010: 3.40 points out of 10

And from the comments:

1) Pro Union pro Tax Mayor that is making Toronto an undesirable place to live and work.

2) A CITY TV poll says 62% of Toronto opposes the Municipal Land Transfer Tax - It goes ahead anyway. Miller and his council think they are untouchable

3) Mayor Miller made a decision to purchase Street Cars knowing this would not qualify for Federal Funding under the Infrastructure Programme. With this Federal Program our Roads, Bridges, Water and Sewers could have been repaired or replaced as needed. Torontonians we lost twice with this decision 800 million dollar bill for Street Cars and No New Buses in the future and our City Infrastructure is still deteriorating

4) He is destroying the city on every level:
- Burning through cash reserves.
- school pools closing while he renovates his own office for 6 million dollars.
- no property strategy for waste.
- raising municipal government employees by 20% while dragging the city into the red.
- then freezing employee wages and giving politicians including himself raises.

5) Wage hikes for city employees at a time of destitution for other citizens, infrastructure crumbling, appears weak in the face of unions, ttc fare hikes, reduced ttc service.

Yes, my dear non-Toronto residents, this is the hellish Toronto  we live in. Can any of your mayors or premiers come within even a mile of the type of misfits we the citizens of this city have been cursed with ?

cartoons credit: Graeme MacKay,Ontario

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