Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anti-fur activists are terrorists and should be arrested without delay ....

as they are a threat to at least one of the Olympic athletes. There is no other word to describe these idiots. Instead of going around like lunatics out of hell over animal rights, have these idiots ever looked at the misery and suffering going on in parts of Africa where human beings, the poorest of the poor are hacked to death and their skins sold for making ornaments and their skulls sold to monstrous collectors? Why are these activists terrorizing and sticking around in countries where they know they are safe instead of flying to Africa where humans are killed on a daily basis for their body parts? We know why, don't we?  They howl like rabid dogs when they are running in packs to hide the fact that at heart they are utter cowards.

Now, even the Olympic athletes are not safe from these activists. Johnny Weir the US figure skater has voiced his concerns as he has been receiving very serious threats from these idiots and the athlete fearing for his safety has confined himself within the parameters of the Olympic Village. The hotel outside the Olympic Village where Weir had booked himself in, have told him that they cannot vouch for his personal safety as their own security might not be adequate if he is attacked by these anti-fur disillusioned nobodies who have targeted Weir since the time he wore a fox fur as part of his performance.

When an individual's right to freedom of movement in a free democratic country is curtailed by activists, shouldn't there be a law to arrest such people? Why are they running around  threatening and terrorising the guest athletes? Why are the Canadian authorities not taking positive action by arresting these individuals and either putting them on a plane out of Canada or throwing their collective butts in prison?  I don't get it.

American figure skater Johnny Weir will stay in the Olympic Village because he's concerned about "very serious threats" from anti-fur activists.

The medal hopeful had planned to stay in a hotel during the Games, but it would have been too difficult to arrange adequate security. Though there are no indications that any of the verbal and written threats from extremists were credible, Weir's decision to stay in the more secure village was an obvious choice.

He's right to take extra precautions during his time in Vancouver. Though the odds of one of these threats actually coming to pass are low, there's no reason for Weir to open himself up to the possibility. For peace of mind alone, staying in a secured Olympic Village is worth it. read on further

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  1. What we need to do is turn PETA loose on Vancouver's anti-globalization protestors who were throwing bags of marbles at mounted RCMP officers to trip up their horses. I would love to see PETA turn their vitriol on the APC and the affliated clowns.

    Crap, when I went downtown yesterday, I forgot my sign "SAVE THE SALMON, HUNT THE SEALS!"


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