Monday, September 1, 2014

Whew! Nice to know that manly sports will be played by manly men

Just the thought of Michael Sam probably getting a boner while tackling another man was so eeek!  Thank the good Lord he is out, in more ways than one, and remains out of the game .... at least for now.  Am I very mean?  I can't help it. Some sports are for men and men only, REAL men, men who get turn on by women and not pansies who eye other men's crotches with a panting desire. Yuck!

Enough of the political correctness.  Please leave the manly sports to men.  Gays can compete in the Olympics for Gays which everybody pretends to watch but only the LGBT community does looking for dates.

From CBC:
Not long after Michael Sam   waved to an adoring crowd at Missouri's season opener, he looked down at his cellphone.

It was 3 p.m. CT, the deadline for NFL teams to pare rosters to 53 players. And the Rams head coach was talking to the players who didn't make the cut.

He headed into the locker room. At some point, his phone rang with the bad news: He didn't make the cut.

Twenty others were cut by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday, all of them mere footnotes. For Sam, it meant a roadblock in his journey to become the first openly gay player to make an NFL roster.

Over and over, coach Jeff Fisher said, it was purely a football decision.
"I will tell you this, I was pulling for Mike," Fisher said. "I really was, and I don't say that very often.
"Mike came in here and did everything we asked him to do."

The seventh-round draft pick projected confidence while scrutinized at least as closely as Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel. He's been cheered by athletes and celebrities, denigrated by just a few.

In the end, the defensive end couldn't make a team stocked with pass rushers and lost out to undrafted Ethan Westbrooks, who proved more productive and more versatile........

Here's another gay player who left football after coming out, but he did it on his own.... Robbie Rogers of the Leeds, UK.
Robert Rogers  

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