Thursday, September 4, 2014

Madcap US Lt. Gen. McInerney: "Where is MH370. Will it rise again?"

He's retired, thank God for small mercies ... but that does not mean there are no other madcaps like him presently serving in the US military.

I am beginning to see why many say watching Fox News is better than watching Fear Factor. Listen to the guy, especially at the point where he is talking about the missing Malaysian plane. Is this guy off his rocker?  Why bring in the Malaysian plane into this? It's clear that this man is one of the conspiracy nuts who are of the opinion that the plane is intact and is hidden in some hangar for use in a 9/11 kind of attack.  

And, pray tell .... how will the 11 planes from the Tripoli airport which are now supposedly in the Libyan terrorists hands, how will they fly all the way to the USA without the several hundred or so air-control towers between Libya and USA not detecting their unlawful invasion of the air-space?  If at all those planes are used by suicide bombers, they will be used in the nearby bordering countries of Libya .... not all the way to the USA.

All the warmongering cable networks have  intensified their focus on ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz and that's because  the USA is getting ready to go into Iraq AND Syria in a big way.... while pretending they are going after the terror army.  

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